Naughty SnowBall 5 - Raiders of the North Pole

Three rooms of amazing music, performers, and entertainment from across the East Coast. HO!

Held at the beautiful Marrakesh Restaurant and Lounge:

Intergalactic Speakeasy - The Castle at the End of the Universe

May 18th, 2013 @ Phase I Dupont

Another fantastic speakeasy party of live music, burlesque, and DJs!

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Mischief Presents "Cheshire Saturdays" 

It's time again for our bi-monthly groove-fest in the newly renovated and greatly expanded 2nd floor of Zeba Bar. Yes, if you are paying attention we are moving this from 4th Fridays to 2nd Saturdays! Did we mention it's free?

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Tropic of BASS! 

Come check out our next installment of 'Tropic of BASS', Friday January 18th! Featuring a Meso Creso + Mischief line up bringing you the jungle heat 'n steamy beats. Also did we mention... FREE dance party! 

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White House Party 2: The Artist's Inaugural Ball 

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NSB4 After Party - I Love The Smell Of Sleigh Bells In The Morning

Mischief presents - Awaken Akasha

Naughty SnowBall 4 - ApocalypSnow


The fat man is back, and badder then ever!


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Mischief you can believe in!


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Mischief & PEX take over The Looking Glass Lounge, Nov. 16


Mischief is teaming up with some of PEX's finest deejays for our monthly takeover, every 3rd Friday at the Looking Glass Lounge. 

Please join us for a beautiful night of friends, fun, love, and shenanigans!

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