Naughty SnowBall 4 - ApocalypSnow


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Mischief PEX PLF Present:

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Saturday 12/8; 9pm-3am  (Washington, DC)

Phase 1 Dupont

1415 22'nd St NW

Washington, DC

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 He knows when you've been naughty, he knows when you've been nice…..and he's finally gone off the deep end.  Due to his new age leanings in recent years…yoga, wheatgrass shots, meditation retreats, raw food diets….Santa got exposed to a whole lotta hoopla surrounding the Mayan Long Count and the end of days.  Well, being the sadistic egomaniac that he is, requiring children around the world to write letters and give him cookies and beg and plea for crap they don't need, not too mention slave driving elves and reindeer…he has taken it upon himself to fulfill these apocalyptic prophecies.  Enter…..Doom Claus!

Your mission this December, should you choose to accept it - Terminate the Kringle

Because it's more fun to be naughty than nice…multiple rooms of music, entertainment, surprises, art, gifts, naughty elves, and coal await you this holiday season! 


$20 presale 

$25 at the door in costume

$30 at the door with no costume

Your Mischievous Hosts:

FYI: The Naughty SnowBall-4 is only part ONE of SantarchyDC 2012 festivities. The more traditional spreading of Santarchy Love city-wide takes place on Saturday December 15th. 

Musical Lineup (more tba):

BEATrix - Meso Creso/DC
Big Jawn - PEX/Philly
Discount - PEX/Philly
Dustin - Mischief/DC
Everyday - PEX-Playloop/Philly
EZ Almighty - Disorient/Philly
Kanizzle - Mischief/DC
Lee Mayjahs? - PEX-Playloop/Philly
Lina Luv - PEX-Feet Active/Philly
Meathook - Meso Creso/DC
Michael NightTime - PEX-PLF-Mischief/Philly
Mr. Jennings - PLF/Richmond
MTK - PLF/Richmond
Reinhold - PLF/Richmond
Sequoia - Mischief/DC
Squachek - Mystical Misfits/Los Angeles
Teh Wallace - PEX/Brooklyn
Teknacolor Ninja - Mischief/DC

More than 15 art grant and performances from local artists...

Sideshow shenanigans by Moose the Almighty!


DRESS CODE: Santa Claus, Ms. Claus, Freaky Elves, Sexy Santa’s Helpers, Misfit Toy, Abominable Fur-men, or just your Playa Finery! Get a Santa suit. Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. Steal a Santa suit. If you don't have any money, be creative. If you don't have any creativity, slap yourself three times and ask your mom to help you.

Mischief & PEX, "Through the Looking Glass"



"Take care of the sounds and the sense will take care of itself.” - Humpty Dumpty's advice to Alice

The Cheshire cat and crew once again descend upon our favorite watering hole in the city the third Friday in November. This time around, joining us will be two of our favorite beat conductors from the City of Brotherly Love....Everyday and Lee Mayjahs? Please join us for a beautiful night of friends, fun, love, and shenanigans!

DJ Everyday/PEX
Lee Mayjahs?/PEX


As always - the entry fee is zilch, the libations are cheap, the bartenders are the best in the District, and the rhythms will be immaculate!

Dress code? There is none....but that doesn't mean we wouldn't LOVE to see some funky playa gear on the dance floor!

Only one block from the Petworth metro.

Date: Friday, November 16, 10pm-3am
Location: The Looking Glass
3634 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 




Mischief & PLF Team up with PEX - Halloween Ball 7: Back to Battle (on the U.S.S. New Jersey!)




Nearly one year ago, almost 3000 souls embarked on a serendipitous journey aboard that 900 foot, 57,000 ton floating hunk of magic. There was a certain destiny in the air that day. There was excitement. There was intrigue. There was that quintessential PEX ba-boom. And…there was a frickin’ blizzard. A fluke of meteorological WTF, the likes of which had never been recorded for such an October's end. 

On that day, the tireless crew of the entire PEX regiment, a notoriously scrappy Band of Brothers and Sisters, raised their voices to the smirking Cold Miser in the sky and said, “Not on my watch!” And when it came time to, yet again, set the stage, lay the foundation and decide where to go for its next, most special gathering, the entire battalion of these dreamers and doers would not retreat, would not surrender, would not flinch. But instead, together as one, cocked its head, locked its arms and in a collective, deliberate whisper, that can only be described as “uh-oh,” said, 


Please join us as: 

The Philadelphia Experiement
honorably presents

PEX H a l l o w e e n B a l l 7 :: Back To Battle

Saturday October 27, 2012
aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey

62 Battleship Place, Camden, New Jersey 08103


10pm – 4am


DJ Slater (Tribal Vision Records) Czech Republic
KA§PAR (Groovement / 4Lux / Clone ) Portugal
Lee Mayjahs (PEX/Playloop) Philly
Everyday (PEX/Playloop) Philly
Justin Paul (PEX/Playloop) LA
Safarii (FamiliaRise) Philly
Big Jawn (PEX) Philly
Mr. Jennings (PLF) Richmond
Coyoti (PEX/Black Bird) Philly
Jeff Heart (Wiggle Productions/Proper Phase) Philly
Kanizzle (Mischief) Washington DC
Reinhold (PLF) Richmond
Discount (PEX) Philly
Barney Iller (Mischief/Vitamin Breaks) NYC
Michael Nighttime (PEX/PLF/Mischief) Philly
Teknacolor Ninja (Mischief/PLF) Washington DC/MD
Dustin Smith (Mischief) Washington DC
Electrik (Psybotic) San Francisco, CA 
Adi (Disorient/Black Bird) NYC
Marko Peli (Mosaic Lounge) DC
June Rodriguez, Philly

More artists, performances, fire spinning, installations, and magic!

For your convenience we have created a COMBO TIX for both of out events on Saturday, Oct 27th.

Playloop Presents SQUAREPUSHER | TLA | Philadelphia

PEX Halloween Ball 7 : Back to Battle




What should I wear? Any costume is fantastic, but for the Battleship, think Pirates, Sailors, Military, zombies, etc. Be careful with Heels, the deck of the ship can be tricky. Much of the festival will be outside, please integrate layers & warmth into your costume. 

How long is the Event? The event runs from 10pm to 4am. Please arrive as early as possible to avoid long lines and to have the most time at this amazing experience. Arriving between 10 & 11 is highly recommended. There will be lines between 11 to 12:30

Is there parking nearby? Yes we have secured Parking lot #1 next to the Susquehanna Center. (Old Tweeter Center) To get to Parking Lot #1, take 3rd St. south to Clinton Street & make a right on Clinton.

Is parking free? no, parking is $10 per vehicle, we were trying to get free parking, but Susquehanna Bank Center next door is having an event and they control the lot. Sorry!!!

Will there be a cash bar? Yes the Bar will be open from 10pm till 2am. The bar is run by the Camden Waterfront Assoc & the Battleship.

Is the event over 21 only? Yes the event is 21+ ID will be checked at the door.

Does the Battleship leave the dock? No the battleship is permanently docked. And you may leave the event at anytime.

Will I be stuck on the battleship the whole time? No, there are activities on the Pier, Land, Battleship deck & on a floating platform. There will be no ins/outs from the event however.

What is the bathroom situation? There is a bank of both male & female plumbed bathrooms on board the Ship. We will also have a bank of Porta Potties on the pier.

Are there buses from other cities coming? Yes we have arranged buses from NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn). Please check the ticketing site for detailed information.

Will there be a coat check? Yes

Will there be food vendors? Yes, we have to food trucks on site with both vegetarian and standard fare.

Can I bring food or drink into the venue? No, all bags will be searched, any outside food or drink is strictly prohibited.

Will a map of the event be available? Yes we will email a map of the complete venue in PDF format to all ticket holders the week before the event.

Will there be zombies? Yes, Zombies are hot right now! (Or so we have been told)


Mischief & PLF present 'Intergalactic Speakeasy; Space Is The Place'




High-Res version of flyer -


Where can sophisticated universal hitchhikers get a decent martini in this sector of the galaxy?



OK, but where can a Kool Daddy-O cut a Pan Galactic Rug?

Easy.  Right next door at The ANDROMEDA DANCEHALL!


OK, OK, now you have my attention, but can Groovy Space Cowboys compress their Intergalactic Playa Dust?

Sure thing, just slip on your Interstellar Zoot Suit and step outside the airlock to the DEEP SPACE DOME!



If YOU can find the secret elevator to the best JUICE JOINT in the Universe AND speak the password, you WILL be treated to:


- A dance party with indoor and outdoor sound systems

- A variety stage show with Live vocal Jazz, Burlesque, magic, and sideshows

- Fire spinning, fire toys, and Compressive Antics




The Milky Way Cabaret show room brimming with Burlesque! Magic! Jazz! 



MCs Parker Galore & Miss Debbi, La Dolce Diva providing commentary, comedy, and the occasional song and dance...


▲ Abby Nightingale and Buddha Fly - Live vocal Jazz 
▲ Mab Just Mab (Sideshow Queen; ukelele, glass walking)
▲ Zoe Jackson (singer/songwriter)
▲ Surprise (Hoops)
▲ Karma Jane (contortion; burlesque; hoops)
▲ The Red Huntress (burlesque)
▲ Buster Britches (boylesque, sideshow)



Interstellar swinging future-sounds in the Andromeda Dancehall provided by: 



▲ Mr. Jennings, PLF/Richmond
▲ Reinhold - PLF/Richmond
▲ Barney Iller - Mischief/NYC
▲ Michael Nighttime - PLF/Philly
▲ Alex Funk - Garden of Heathens/Baltimore


More Dj's TBA!  




Compressive Fire antics and Electro-Bass grooves outside the airlock at the Deep Space Dome



Fire spinning, fire toys, and Compression


▲ Sequoia - Mischief, Disorient, Meso Creso/DC
▲ JKanizzle - Mischief/DC
▲ V:shal Kanwar - Mischief, Meso Creso/DC
▲ Coyoti - PEX-Disorient/Philly


More Dj's TBA!  



"Encouraged" dress code: Intergalactic SpeakEasy! flapper dresses, vests, evening dresses, boas, long pearl necklaces, fans, Zoot Suits, spats (white canvas or vinyl shoe covers), fedoras…all tied together with something from the future!


Intergalactic Speakeasy Rules and Codes of Conduct - 


- Please Speak-Easy

- You MUST know the password to get in

- Do not tell anyone where you are going, or who you are going with

- Everyone must use an alias

- No discussions about Bootlegging in ANY galaxy is allowed inside the Speakeasy

- If anyone see's Gatsby, please ask him to leave. That man can't be trusted.

- All cigar and pipe smoking must be done outside on the balcony, with pinky fingers raised

- There will be limited tickets sold to this exclusive event, don't forget to bring yours!

- Please exit the Intergalactic Speakeasy quietly, we don't want the coppers to find out


Your Mischievous Hosts:







No Scratch - No entry!

$20 presale

$25 at the door


The Warehouse Loft

411 New York Ave NE

Washington, DC

9:00 pm - 4:00 am


And as always, more antics and surprises around every corner!




Coming from out of this solar system for the Intergalactic Speakeasy? Or, just want a place to crash afterwards? There is a Quality Inn, literally right next door to the venue:

Mischief DJ's at PEX Summer Fest!

DJ Dustin, Sequoia, J Kanizzle, Barney Iller, and Teknacolor Ninja will all be droppin' beats!  Not too mention the stupidly fabulous lineup of dj's, bands, workshops, and art installations that you have to see to believe!


This event WILL sell out, so get your tickets before they're gone!

Find out everything about this massive production here -