Sir Lix-A-Lot

Sir Lixalot bought his first techno record, Nexus 6 - Tres Chic, in 1997 as he dove into the fantastic underground dance music scene of late 90's Boston. With a musical apprenticeship at the MIT Media Lab under his belt and his nickname christened whilst attending the infamous Chinatown Redlight raves, he DJ'ed a series of warehouse parties and raves in Chinatown, Cambridge and South Boston. In 01' he took his talents to the other South Beach, San Diego, and dialed into the local burner community, playing numerous compression parties and local events.  A builder of things and organizer of people, he's fabricated two large geodesic domes by hand, and lead a 50 person sound Camp on the Esplanade of Burning Man in the last 2 years. His musical tastes have sailed from obsession to obsession, with a current tack on finding the freshest midtempo, breakbeat and dubstep sounds from the Left Coast and South London. However if the party is going late and he's into his fourth hour on the decks, prepare for a reach deep into the back catalog, with a smooth blend of classic hypnotic techno and deep psytrance grooves.